Hiking and boating to the Angel falls. Instead of flying to Canaima, on this tour you approach the Angel falls by boat on rivers, lagoons and a lake. Hikes through the rainforest and savannah, bridge the distances between the different rivers.

Day 1:
Overland from Ciudad Bolívar to the town of La Paragua. Boating down the Paragua River into the Guri Lake, you can see a big variety of Birds. The further we go up the Chiguao river, pastures change into rainforest. Overnight in a Pemón village.

Day 2:
We hike 6 hours trough virgin Amazon rainforest. After arriving on a hill top, you enjoy a panoramic view of the Gran Sabana with its table mountains. After walking 2 hours through the savannah, we overnight in a Pemon settlement

Day 3:
Walking 1 hour on granite platforms with unique vegetation to the banks of the Caroni River. From here we take a dugout canoe upriver (1 hour). We will hike 3 hours over the two Taute Hills, where you will enjoy a spectacular view of the Canaima Valley, with its lagoons and waterfalls. From here a Land Cruiser takes us to Canaima. (15 min). After lunch you will take the tour of the Canaima lagoon, and walk behind the water curtain of Sapo and Hacha falls. Overnight in a camp in Canaima.

Day 4:
Boating up the Carrao river, we turn into the devils canyon, on the Churun river. 90 minute trek to the Angel Falls lagoon. You will sleep in a Camp with view of the Angel Falls.

Day 5:
Return by boat to Canaima, lunch and flight to Ciudad Bolivar.

During the dry season (February-April) the excursion takes 6 days.