Caura River

On this tour we will navigate through a labyrinth of granite boulders and rapids, to arrive at beautiful beaches where you can fish and swim. With a bit of luck we will spot a great variety of birds and other animals. On the jungle hikes we will be surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. After visiting a typical plantation, we can buy handicrafts and see how cassava bread is made. You will have the opportunity to taste the local food, tobacco and cassava wine. After this tour, the River Caura will always be in your heart.

The basin of the River Caura has an extension of 45.336 square kilometres and belongs to the Amazon rainforest which stretches uninterrupted into Brazil and Colombia. The “Salto Para” consists of a lagoon with five water-falls approximately 56 metres high. Upriver from the village of Las Trincheras there are only indigenous communities. This area is inhabited by the Ye´kwana and Sanema tribes, the latter being a subgroup of the Yanomami. We have been a tour operator on the Caura River for over twelve years. We work with the Ye´kwanas who founded a civil association some time ago and we stay overnight in their villages. This directly benefits the communities.