The Gran Sabana a well-known Venezuelan landscape and a great tourist destination due to its table mountains, numerous waterfalls and good climate.

We offer two different programs for the Gran Sabana.

One of 4 days and 3 nights leaving from Ciudad Bolivar. It will take you to Santa Elena and the Brazilian border and back to Cd.Bolivar.

The second one has a duration of 3 days and 2 nights. It leaves from Santa Elena and returns there.

Please contact us and we will gladly send you the programs of both tours, so you can choose which one suits you best.

Watch a video of the table mountains in the Gran Sabana.

The archipelago of Los Roques is a group of islands and keys in the Lesser Antilles, belonging to Venezuela with a surface of 40,61 km². Located 176 km north of Caracas it is the biggest marine park of Latin America. Los Roques is the only coral atoll on earth not formed by volcanic activity. Also the only one in the Caribbean, which makes its beauty stand out over the other islands in the West Indies.

We offer packages of 3 days and 2 nights that include flights from/to Caracas, all meals, overnight stays in a comfortable guest house on Gran Roque and boat tours to the nearer keys. The package can be extended for one or more days.

The Caura River basin, the Guri Lake and the rivers Orinoco, Aro and Paragua are perhaps the best areas in southern Venezuela for sport fishing. Here you can catch the famous Payara (Scomberoides Hydrolycus) also called vampire-fish, one of the three most coveted trophies in South America. This silvery coloured fish puts up a great fight testing the the angler’s skill and his fishing tackle. You can also find the prehistoric Aimara (Hoplias Aymara) of the Erythrinidae family, which is of a dark brownish colour with big jaws. The Pavón, a Peacock Bass (Cichla ocellaris) is also a great attraction for fishermen. The Morocoto (piaractus brachypomus) with its human looking denture is much appreciated locally, but almost unknown to foreigners. For all the species mentioned above, the casting technique can be applied. Whereas for the great variety of catfish we do bottom fishing.

Option A:
To initiate the sport fishing adventure we recommend a 4 day and 3 night package, on the rivers Orinoco and Aro . The targets will be peacock bass and the vampire fish. Two nights in Posada Don Carlos and one night on a hacienda.

Option B:
Big Game fishing for 4 days and 3 nights on the El Placer bank, north of La Guaira. Fully equipped boats. Overnights in 5 * hotel. The target fish are: blue and white marlin, big-eye and yellowfin tuna, tarpon, barracuda and grouper.

Option C:
9 or 10 days boating up the rivers Caura, Nichare and Tabaro. We will go for bocona, vampire fish, giant pacú, peacock bass, picúa and many different species of catfish. The itinerary is similar to the one you can see in our Rio Tabaro expedition.

Option D:
Los Testigos islands, 3 days of inshore fishing. The targets are: permit, barracuda, grouper, tarpon, snook, bonefish, stingray and wahoo. As a reference, you can see the program of our Los Testigos tour.

For more information about fishing in Venezuela please visit the website of our friend and partner Axel Werner.

On this expedition, we navegate the River Caura upstream and two of its tributaries, the Nichare and the Icutú. Then, following the Cusimi and the Erebato rivers downstream, we get back to the Caura. A hike of 18 kilometres through the dense Amazon rainforest, bridges the gap between the rivers Icutú and Cusimi. (View map)

This tour is special for adventurers, in search for activities off the beaten track, who want to feel how real life is in the jungle. You spend some nights in temporary camps, which you will help to build and in very basic Sanema settlements, also in an immense churuata (traditional house) in Sayusodiña. Here the captain general of the Ye´kwanas will welcome you.


Day 1:
Ciudad Bolívar – Maripa – La Cocuiza Camp

Day 2:
La Cocuiza – Mouth of the Tabaro river. Construction of a temporary camp.

Day 3:
Tabaro – Icutú, a Sanema village.

Day 4:
Hike from Icutú to the Sanema settlement Cushime. (9 hours)

Day 5:
Cushime – Ye´kwana community of Sayusodiña (Boca de Cushime). Paddling with canoes to the mouth of the Cusimi River.

Day 6:
Sayusodiña – Entre Ríos (meteorological station and Ye´kwana community)

Day 7:
Hike from Entre Ríos – Raudal Aayaimö rapids (overnight in temporary camp)

Day 8:
Raudal Aayaimö – Para Falls and Las Pavas village – El Playón (big beach)

Day 9:
Free time at the El Playón camp, enjoying the beach and fishing.

Day 10:
Return to Ciudad Bolívar via Maripa.

The itinerary may vary because of climatic conditions. In the dry season, an extra day will be needed, for paddling the Cusimi River down.


The Tabaro is a clear-water river and an affluent to the River Nichare, which spills into the Caura river. On this expedition we have to take all the equipment and supplies with us, since there is no possibility of purchase in this remote area. This tour is special for enjoying the tranquillity of the jungle and to escape from the stress of the city, with the whole family and friends. During the stay at the camps, you will have time for sports, swimming, fishing, bird watching, walking through the jungle, cooking, reading, playing games and resting. This excursion can be easily adapted for sport-fishing. We choose this destination for our own vacations in company of our Ye´kwana friends.


Day 1:
Ciudad Bolivar- Maripa- La Cocuiza camp (River Caura).

Day 2:
La CocuizaCamp – Boca del Tabaro. Setting-up a temporary camp on a Nichare river island.

Day 3:
Exploring River Nichare and River Tabaro near its. River mouth. Time for activities.

Day 4:
Free time

Day 5:
Boating up to the temporary camp on the River Tabaro. Activities.

Day 6:
Time for activities.

Day 7:
Natural Jacuzzi on the River Tabaro. Other activities.

Dia 8:
Tabaro camp – Boca de Nichare. Activities in Ye´kwana community on the River Caura.

Dia 9:
Return; Boca del Nichare - Maripa - Ciudad Bolívar

We reccomend this nine day itinerary, but you can do this tour in a range between 7 and 10 days.


This 19-day expedition will take you to the far south of the Venezuelan jungle, only 30 kilometres from the Brazilian border. You will feel the hospitality of the Ye´kwana communities, where they provide their communal houses for us to stay. We also visit Sanema settlements, the inhabitants being a subgroup of the Yanomami tribe. Until a short time ago they were nomadic hunters that lived off what they caught in the forest, but in recent times most of them have settled in villages.

We will fly from Ciudad Bolivar to Canaracuni in light planes, fly over the Sarisariñama table mountain which is part of the Jaua-Sarisariñama national park, and appreciate the simas(holes) in its surface. Their depth is the equivalent of a 140 storey skyscraper. After the landing, while we prepare the expedition equipment, you have time to acclimatize, explore the community and enjoy the panoramic view of the table mountain.
From Canaracuni we paddle down the Canaracuni river until we reach the River Caura.

We will stay overnight, alternating Ye´kwana communities with temporary camps on spectacular beaches and riverbanks. We will hike to the Cerro Guanacoco, a table mountain with a waterfall of 270 metres and spend a night at the lagoon of Guanacoco falls. Boating down the Caura River, we will visit Entre Rios, Para falls and El Playon. We will pass several rapids, and lower the boats down with ropes.

You can watch a video of our Ye´kwana friend (Dichenedu).


Hiking and boating to the Angel falls. Instead of flying to Canaima, on this tour you approach the Angel falls by boat on rivers, lagoons and a lake. Hikes through the rainforest and savannah, bridge the distances between the different rivers.

Day 1:
Overland from Ciudad Bolívar to the town of La Paragua. Boating down the Paragua River into the Guri Lake, you can see a big variety of Birds. The further we go up the Chiguao river, pastures change into rainforest. Overnight in a Pemón village.

Day 2:
We hike 6 hours trough virgin Amazon rainforest. After arriving on a hill top, you enjoy a panoramic view of the Gran Sabana with its table mountains. After walking 2 hours through the savannah, we overnight in a Pemon settlement

Day 3:
Walking 1 hour on granite platforms with unique vegetation to the banks of the Caroni River. From here we take a dugout canoe upriver (1 hour). We will hike 3 hours over the two Taute Hills, where you will enjoy a spectacular view of the Canaima Valley, with its lagoons and waterfalls. From here a Land Cruiser takes us to Canaima. (15 min). After lunch you will take the tour of the Canaima lagoon, and walk behind the water curtain of Sapo and Hacha falls. Overnight in a camp in Canaima.

Day 4:
Boating up the Carrao river, we turn into the devils canyon, on the Churun river. 90 minute trek to the Angel Falls lagoon. You will sleep in a Camp with view of the Angel Falls.

Day 5:
Return by boat to Canaima, lunch and flight to Ciudad Bolivar.

During the dry season (February-April) the excursion takes 6 days.