The Tabaro is a clear-water river and an affluent to the River Nichare, which spills into the Caura river. On this expedition we have to take all the equipment and supplies with us, since there is no possibility of purchase in this remote area. This tour is special for enjoying the tranquillity of the jungle and to escape from the stress of the city, with the whole family and friends. During the stay at the camps, you will have time for sports, swimming, fishing, bird watching, walking through the jungle, cooking, reading, playing games and resting. This excursion can be easily adapted for sport-fishing. We choose this destination for our own vacations in company of our Ye´kwana friends.


Day 1:
Ciudad Bolivar- Maripa- La Cocuiza camp (River Caura).

Day 2:
La CocuizaCamp – Boca del Tabaro. Setting-up a temporary camp on a Nichare river island.

Day 3:
Exploring River Nichare and River Tabaro near its. River mouth. Time for activities.

Day 4:
Free time

Day 5:
Boating up to the temporary camp on the River Tabaro. Activities.

Day 6:
Time for activities.

Day 7:
Natural Jacuzzi on the River Tabaro. Other activities.

Dia 8:
Tabaro camp – Boca de Nichare. Activities in Ye´kwana community on the River Caura.

Dia 9:
Return; Boca del Nichare - Maripa - Ciudad Bolívar

We reccomend this nine day itinerary, but you can do this tour in a range between 7 and 10 days.