This 19-day expedition will take you to the far south of the Venezuelan jungle, only 30 kilometres from the Brazilian border. You will feel the hospitality of the Ye´kwana communities, where they provide their communal houses for us to stay. We also visit Sanema settlements, the inhabitants being a subgroup of the Yanomami tribe. Until a short time ago they were nomadic hunters that lived off what they caught in the forest, but in recent times most of them have settled in villages.

We will fly from Ciudad Bolivar to Canaracuni in light planes, fly over the Sarisariñama table mountain which is part of the Jaua-Sarisariñama national park, and appreciate the simas(holes) in its surface. Their depth is the equivalent of a 140 storey skyscraper. After the landing, while we prepare the expedition equipment, you have time to acclimatize, explore the community and enjoy the panoramic view of the table mountain.
From Canaracuni we paddle down the Canaracuni river until we reach the River Caura.

We will stay overnight, alternating Ye´kwana communities with temporary camps on spectacular beaches and riverbanks. We will hike to the Cerro Guanacoco, a table mountain with a waterfall of 270 metres and spend a night at the lagoon of Guanacoco falls. Boating down the Caura River, we will visit Entre Rios, Para falls and El Playon. We will pass several rapids, and lower the boats down with ropes.

You can watch a video of our Ye´kwana friend (Dichenedu).